About Jonathan Mariande

A professional filmmaker and photographer for over 13 years with an inquisitive approach to storytelling and embracing a fluid, fly-on-the-wall style of story, cinematography and filmmaking.  Currently Mariande is lensing his first feature film as Writer/Director, The Language of Reason (2020).  

His sophomore feature as Writer/Director, "Slackline Bandits" is slated for principal photography in the Summer of 2018 with his TLOR co.  IceTent. 

The Language of Reason 

Alex Beh

The Language of Reason

Robert Miano 

Director of Photography

Mariande's most recent Award Winning independent feature film, Murder on the Cape (2017), was shot entirely on location in Provincetown, Massachusetts. It  premiered at the Boston International Film Festival in 2017.  

Motion Pictures

Mariande’s full-length motion pictures as DoP include; A World Away (2019), Murder on the Cape (2017), Two Faced (2017), Decommissioned (2016) distributed by LionsGate Entertainment. SWAT: Unit 887 (2015), Evil Within (2015), and Checkmate (2015) distributed by LionsGate Entertainment.  

Mariande is currently contracted shooting his next two features through the winter of 2017/2018.


Mariande is an accomplished documentary filmmaker.  His two pieces for Al Gore's defunct Current TV "Getting Gram"(2005) and "Return to Gram" (2006) were critically acclaimed following the aftermath of the disastrous Hurricane Katrina.  

In March of 2016 Mariande went on an expedition through Iraq and Kurdistan, deep into ISIS occupied lands to document the plight from genocide of the Yazidi People in LaLish and Erbil with Go to Ground News. The project is still in production.  It was an unforgettable experience and an honor. 

Lifestyle & Attitude

Mariande regularly shoots surfers from the water, he's an avid surfer himself. In addition he is an active member, and player, of The World Dodgeball Society's recreational co-ed dodgeball league.  A long-distance hiker, outdoorsmen,  fishermen and freediver.  

"I find if I am not wearing myself out doing many things, my creative work suffers.  I prefer to stay busy as possible, exploring, learning, seeking and sharing. I am the hardest working guy I know, but beyond it, the most important thing I know is that if one lives a life they are proud of, without apology, you can do no better.   As they say,  if you do what you love, allegedly, you never work a day in your life.  I'm grateful to bring peoples visions and art to screen."   

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