Lower Trestles - September

Lower Trestles, arguably the greatest high performance wave in the United States, maybe the world.   

If I could pay the bills shooting groms and the occasional pro’s in the line-ups’ of surf breaks world-wide, I would.   I’d do it in a heart beat!! 

I love surfing, it’s great. I’m pretty good too!  But taking the photos in the water is a whole different thing entirely.  I feel as though the difference is a simple community feeling.   As a surfer of almost 16 years myself I have only had my photo taken a hand full of times.  It’s quite a rare experience (short of being pro) and when I am in the water everyone responds to that fact.  It’s magnetic!   Everyone’s boosting, catching air, snapping and sending it as hard as they can every chance they get.  I love it. It’s a collaboration not a competition and despite it usually costing me money out my own pocket to make pictures, it undoubtedly makes my day/life better. 

Thank you all and see you out there, 



There is life before the Totality. And Life After. 

I encountered a really interesting perspective.  I drove 14 hours to make it to this eclipse. I had two groups of friends driving up from Los Angeles to Idaho.     

To quote one of my friends, he said “Prior to the eclipse, the totality was the place to be.  But then, when it ended, everyone was just left in the middle of fields and on mountain tops in Idaho!”  

As we left, we hit the mammoth hot springs on the road back. It was pretty amazing being up there at 8,000 feet. I felt like I was in heaven.    (Last photo) 

I hope you got it. And if you didn’t, you have another chance in 2024!  I’ll be there. Will you? 


I asked my friend BadBeard to go for a cruise around the mountains on his Harley. That led to this Ducati collaboration. 

For Ducati we had a few different things in mind but mainly, a cinemagraph! I’ll put some links below about cinemagraphs. 

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