Murder on Cape Cod Film-National Review

The Movie Critic Next Door gives Murder on the Cape 4/5 stars!  It’s our the first national review for the independent film! 

“In tourist areas, there’s often a deep divide between the locals and those who come from out of town to enjoy the sights – a social, financial, and cultural gap that can sometimes seem impossible to bridge in any real way. As shown in Murder on the Cape, the Cape Cod area is no exception to this rule, with the locals sometimes struggling to keep a roof over their heads while rich New Yorkers relax in their vacation homes…”

Click here for the full article.

TWIFF Best Feature Film Award

Congratulations to the TWIFF 2017 Winners! Don’t miss their awesome films showing on September 23-24 at The New People Cinema. Get your tickets now!

My film Murder on Cape Cod, winner of the best narrative feature! Really exciting to receive recognition. I will be in attendance and representing the film this Friday/Saturday in San Fransisco at the event!

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