Diving For Bugs

Lobster season has been on my mind since this time last year when a man I was following on Instagram bragged in a post that he happily caught his days limit (7) spiny california Lobster. And every single one of them was HUGE. 

As someone who spent a lot of his life in Louisiana growing up, I never really fished or hunted.  Not with the purpose of bringing back food.    

In August, while anticipating the opening day of the season, I began using Wim Hoffs breathing technique to alkalize my body with oxygen and hold my breath.  

I did that with some success with a breath hold/recovery time + repeat time of 2:00 to 2;00 minutes x10.   In other words, I held my breath for a set amount of time, in this case, 2:00 minutes. And I gave myself a breathing re-covery time of 2:00 minutes.   I repeated this ten times consecutively without break.  

At tops I’ve held my breath for my experience to be a relatively long time.  With a record of 5 minutes and 18 seconds above the surface.  But the water is different, unforgiven and dangerous.   Currently on my dives I’m reaching the 45 foot depth range, and staying down, tops, 50 second.   Part of my reluctance to push myself further is a properly supervised dive by other experienced divers who would be capable of saving my life or recognizing trouble. 

To add to the mental process of stilling one’s mind, the side aspect of this is catching the bugs.  A legal limit lobster ranges around 1.5 lbs.  That’s a considerable grip (one or two handed) when grabbing these guys out of dark holes on the ocean floor.   As someone who never hunted before, I had heard stories of hunters relating the process to a spiritual journey, coming to grips with one’s place in the circle of life.    And let me tell you, when you’re catching a Pug sized crustacean with gloved hands holding your breath, it’s a very intimate experience.  Theres no scope, no gun, no net, no prod, no knife, spear.  It’s life force vs life-force and survival is at stake.   

I respect life. I respect the process and I have grown so much in my short three dives.  I can’t recommend it enough. Or similar.  If you have the opportunity to free yourself from the cruel practices of animal farming and harvesting and can switch to the real organic lifestyle of hunting, fishing and gathering, you are blessed. 

If free diving or lobster hunting are of interest here are a couple videos I’ve really enjoyed. 



How to Frenzel Equalize: an equalisation tutorial from a Professional Freediver

Be safe! 


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